Grafton Rowing Club Membership

If you are interested in joining Grafton Rowing Club, please feel free to come down to the club, preferably during our Learn to Row mornings (Saturday from 9:00am), or our Tuesday afternoon Social row (Tuesday from 5:00pm). Alternatively, you can contact Grafton Rowing Club for further details.

A view of  Grafton Rowing Club from the water

Membership is divided into Senior, Junior and Social (non-rowing) categories, with fees currently set at:

Senior  :    $110
Junior  :    $60
Social  :    $85
Family Membership  :    Contact Don Noble

Please note that this is an annual fee, with the annual period based on the Annual General Meeting held in June each year. Your Senior or Junior membership fee includes registration with the Northern Rivers Rowing Association and New South Wales Rowing Association, as well as insurance.

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