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Early Shipping 7 - "City of Grafton" and the "Great White Fleet"

The "City of Grafton" was also on hand in Sydney Harbour in August, 1908, when "Teddy" Roosevelt's "Great White Fleet" arrived on its world cruise. More than 600 sightseers crowded aboard the "City of Grafton" for a glimpse of the warships in what was described as one of the most colourful sights Sydney had ever seen.

Roosevelt's "Great White Fleet" entering Sydney Harbour

The "City of Grafton" was originally sailed to Grafton in 1876 by Captain Henry Creer. She quickly established a long-standing record of 24 hours 35 minutes for the trip from Sydney to Grafton and remained the crack ship in the trade till the turn of the century. When she was laid up in 1913, she was one of the oldest paddle-wheelers still in service.

The majestic "City of Grafton", like many other ships of the era, was destined to spend her final years as a hulk (much of the superstructure removed and the vessel then used to transport or store coal, or other "undesirable" cargoes). She was laid up in 1913, hulked in 1920 and scrapped in 1930.

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