Grafton Rowing Club History: Early Shipping 5
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Early Shipping on the Clarence

Early Shipping 5 - "City of Grafton"

PS "City of Grafton" on the Clarence, 1890 

In 1876, the Clarence and Richmond River Steam Navigation Co. added the famous paddle steamer "City of Grafton" to their fleet. Built especially for the C.R.R.S.N. in 1876 at Port Glasgow, the "City of Grafton" was 63 metres (207 feet) and 825 ton.

A 2-masted, flush decked passenger ship with a 250 h.p. compound oscillating power plant, she was recognised as a magnificent sea boat, and had a long career. The "City of Grafton" was often used as the flagship at Grafton regattas.

PS "City of Grafton" on the Clarence

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