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Flooding Grafton
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Grafton Rowing Club History - Page 3

An interesting tale is attached to the construction of the new boat shed - due to the number of floods occurring during the early 1880s, an application was made by Grafton Council to the Government of the day to build a shed on the river bank to house flood boats and rescue craft - Grafton Rowing club members were encouraged to become involved in such rescue work as well. A cheque for 500 was forthcoming, but was inadvertently made out to Grafton Rowing Club. The Rowing Club naturally thought this was a wonderful windfall, and used the money to pay for the construction of a new boat shed - by the time the government department discovered their error, all the money had been spent and the building was nearing completion, so it was too late to correct the mistake.

An excellent two storey rowing club was constructed with provision for boats on the ground floor and "a gymnasium, dressing space, lockers, showers and a meeting room of first class standard" on the first floor.

The photo above shows the original Grafton Rowing Club shed. Note that the verandah and awning were not originally on the building - they were a later addition. A single scull (wager boat), some double skiffs, and a coxed four (believed to be of carvel construction, but possibly clinker) can be seen on the water.

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