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Grafton Rowing Club History - 1930s - Prelude to War

During this time, the emphasis and interest in professional rowing was waning world wide. Grafton Rowing Club and other Northern Rivers rowing clubs were in regular correspondence with the NSW Rowing Association (NSWRA) regarding amalgamation of the clubs into the NSWRA.

This amalgamation could not happen, however, whilst there was professional racing at the Northern Rivers regattas.

Cash prizes continued at Grafton regattas at least until the 1957 regatta, but are not mentioned in 1959.

This page from the 1957 Grafton Regatta illustrates the continued practice of offering
prize money for events (winning prizes were 2 for the novice skiff race, 7 for the
single scull and 15 for the open butcher boat race). Regattas were still combined
events with Water Brigade and Rowing Club races on the same program.

Meanwhile, the clouds of war developed again, leading to the Second World War in both Europe and the Pacific, so club activities once again naturally took a back seat to national interests. During the war, and for several years after, things were fairly quiet in the rowing world.

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