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Grafton Rowing Club History - The 1930s - a New Boat Shed

Construction commenced in 1930 on a boulevard along the river bank in front of the rowing club and finishing at the swimming baths. This construction included a walkway along the riverbank with two small bridges joining raised earth “walls”. Coinciding with this construction was the demolition of both the Rowing Club and Water Brigade boatsheds and the erection of a new building which was later shared by both these bodies.

1930 – work is underway on changes to the riverbank. Both boatsheds have been demolished and the walkway is well underway, with the earth mounds in place
and the small bridges are just visible in this photo.

This photo shows the completed work – a new boatshed with a raised, fenced
walkway along the riverbank. Boat access to the river was achieved through the
two small “alleys” under the bridges

The photo above shows the new boatshed on a busy regatta day, whilst the much later photo (1983) below shows an eight heading for the water – notice that the boys are walking towards the gap in the earth mounds – the photo is taken from the “bridge” above them.

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