Grafton Rowing Club History: 2001 Flood
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Flooding Grafton
Early Shipping on the Clarence

2001 Flood

Grafton Rowing Club members spent several wet hours clearing the boat shed on the evening of Thursday, February 1, 2001 in anticipation of a flood in the Clarence River. The river was expected to peak at 5.4 metres on Friday afternoon, but this was later revised.

On Saturday morning at about 11:00 the reading at the boatshed was 6.5 metres. This puts the water well and truly into the shed, as shown above.

This is still only considered as moderate flooding, with very few evacuations or problems at this stage.

The best boats and blades from the shed were taken away on two trailers, whilst the rest of the gear was placed in the park behind the boat shed. This photo shows an old eight and thirteen fours/quads, with some pairs, doubles and sculls shown on the left and in the background. Many private boats and blades were taken home.

This shot, taken from the Crown Hotel shows the shed in the water, with the access road completely covered.