Grafton Rowing Club History: 1988 Flood
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Flooding Grafton
Early Shipping on the Clarence

1988 Flood

July 6, 1988 - Oops - I think we may have left it a bit late to move the boats out ...
Notice that this shows the shed before the extensions - boats stored parallel to the water;
 a sliding gate at each end (this meant we had to angle the boats out through the doors
- lots of fun with an eight)


Outside - not a major river rise, but still a nuisance.
This shot also shows the old "boulevarde" walkway in front of the shed.
Boats had to be carried through two openings in this walkway to get to the river.
Notice also that the judge's hut is not yet built on top of the corner of the shed.


Another shot inside - notice the old sliding gates


Yet another shot inside - all the boats from the lower racks were taken out of the shed not longer after this, but the river did not rise much further.

1989 Flood