Grafton Rowing Club History: Flood!
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Flooding Grafton
Early Shipping on the Clarence


This famous photo of the big flood at Grafton in 1890 shows the paddler "City of Grafton" in the background, with some rowers in the foreground. The "City of Grafton" was a beautiful vessel and was often used as the flagship at early regattas. You can learn more about the "City of Grafton" here.

The building on the right in the top photo is the Crown Hotel, which is still standing today and is a regular accommodation and entertainment venue for rowers at regatta time. The water height meter immediately adjacent to this corner of the Crown Hotel indicates that the flood height shown here is about 7.62 metres (25 feet). The photo below shows the same corner of the Crown Hotel today, with Susan Island and the Clarence River (at its normal height) in the background.

Whilst flooding is not an everyday occurrence, it is a factor taken into quite serious consideration by the Grafton Rowing Club, as the boat shed is well and truly in the flood area. If a river rise is expected, everything has to be removed from the shed and placed on the grassed area behind the levee wall (this used to be bowling greens, so it is nice and flat, and ideal for storing rowing equipment).

1988 Flood