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The construction of the bridge was a huge event for the Grafton community. Grand celebrations were held at various stages of the construction, such as ground-breaking ceremonies for the first stages of the footings at the Southern end of the bridge, a ceremony when the first span was put in place, etc. The spans were floated into position after the pylons were in place.

The photo above shows the final span of the bridge being floated into position

The bridge has bends at each end of the upper deck to allow the trains on the lower deck a reasonably straight path on and off the bridge. The bends were probably not a problem in 1932 considering the speed, size and number of cars and trucks around at the time, but because of the volume of traffic that now crosses the bridge, many consider the bends a nuisance - some people call it the bendy bridge. Semi trailers often have to swing out wide to get around the bends, so drivers must be cautious when approaching them, in case they have to give way to an oncoming semi.

A promotional poster on the highway near Grafton.

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