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Grafton Rowing Club 2000 Metre Course - Page 2

This is an aerial view, looking downriver at the Grafton Rowing Club course from directly over the 2000 metre start. A couple of fours can be seen in the lower left corner. These boats are about 1100 metres from the finish line - they also give some indication of the width of the course. The Boral ("Oxenfords") barge is visible on the left (north) bank about 100 metres past the fours - Susan Island is on the right.


This is the same photo, with an approximation of the edges of the course shown in pink. The course is registered as having eight lanes, but we have raced ten wide in club comps. There is a row up (transit) lane on the northern bank (the left side of this photo - one of the fours is in the transit lane whilst the other is on the course).

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