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Grafton Rowing Club By-Laws

  1. The Club year shall commence on the 1st July, and end on the 31st June each year.

  2. The annual subscriptions shall be reviewed each year in June at the Annual General Meeting.

  3. Classification of members will be as follows;

    a) Senior Members (over 18yrs, including masters/veterans of over 27yrs.)

    b) Junior Members (under 18yrs of age.)

    c) Associate Members (non rowing members - ie allowed in boats only as coxswains.)

  4. Any member being in arrears for more than one month, shall be debarred from using the Club’s property, and cannot compete in regattas.

  5. No member will be allowed to row in any race, regatta or scratch race, unless his/her subscription and seat money (entrance fee) are paid.

  6. The Club Captain, and in his absence the Vice-Captain, shall be responsible for allotting boats, and keeping them in a state of repair and cleanliness. All Club members shall assist with boat maintenance as required by the Club Captain.

  7. All damage to Club property shall be reported to the Club Captain as soon as possible.

  8. It shall be at the discretion of the Captain, or in his absence the Vice-Captain or Secretary, to refuse the use of boats, if he or they disapprove of their proposed destination.

  9. Any active member shall be allowed to keep a private boat on the Club’s premises, provided in the Committee’s opinion there is room for same. However the Club will not be held responsible for any loss or damage by fire or otherwise.

  10. All single, double sculls and pairs, shall be carried to and from the water by two members (care being exercised so that damage will not be caused to the canvas by clumsy handling). Four oared boats shall be carried to and from the water by four members (care being exercised to prevent the bow and rudder coming In contact with the floor or walls of the shed), the coxswain is to guide the passage of the boat.

  11. Rowers shall keep to their left (or coxswain’s right) when proceeding up or down the river.

  12. Four oared boats shall not be rowed without a competent coxswain.

  13. In entering or leaving boats, the feet shall be placed on the centre beam, and not on the floor of the boat.

  14. All gates on riggers shall be closed when boats are being taken to and from the water.

  15. Immediately after use, all sculls, boats and oars shall be thoroughly washed and wiped outside the shed, and then replaced in their respective racks within the shed.

  16. All bungs and inspection plates shall be removed Immediately after use, to allow drainage and prevent ‘dry rot’.

  17. In four oared boats, the stroke shall be deemed to be in charge, and he/she shall see that due care is taken of the boat at the ramp. On return to the ramp, if bow side is nearest the ramp, the bow side rowers shall hold their riggers firm to enable stroke side rowers to remove their oars. If stroke side is nearest the ramp, the reverse will apply.

  18. It shall be the duty of all members leaving the ramp to see that the immediate course is clear, in order to avoid a collision.

  19. In rowing, members shall keep a sharp look-out for obstacles, as damage caused through collision other than with submerged obstacles, shall be regarded as caused through wilful or gross negligence of the member.

  20. It is the duty of all Club members (junior and senior) to practice tidiness in the shed, and to assist in the cleaning of the shed on occasions.

  21. Boats shall not be kept out later than dusk, without proper safety lighting attached to the bow.

  22. Junior rowers shall not be in the boatshed or on the water, without a senior or teacher in attendance. Exceptions to this rule will be at the Club Captains discretion.