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Grafton Rowing Club Boatshed Prior to the Extensions

The photo above shows a couple of school fours outside the boatshed in 1983. Notice that the gable end extensions are not on the shed - in fact the judge's box is not even on top of the building at this stage.

Notice the sliding gates rather than roller doors, with "Besser Blocks" in the two middle bays.

The photo at right is taken from the walkway which used to pass right along the shoreline in front of the shed, with two "bridges" where the boats were carried out.

The river is also up a few feet in this photo - the water would normally be beyond the walkway, but this photo shows water almost up to the concrete at the western gate.

This photo shows a school crew taking an eight out - this was awkward as the eights were stored parallel to the water, so they had to be brought out at an angle and then redirected back into the shed at a steeper angle, then finally taken out of the shed and to the water.

Well known rowing identity Jeff Schneider can be seen at the bow of the boat (the bearded gent on the left - or is that Dougie Pearson?)